Examination & Promotion Rules

1.     Submit Exam form at stipulated date to be forwarded to NCHM&CT. If forms are not submitted on time, the student will not be allowed to appear in the final exam. The students who proceed for the Industrial Training also have to fill up their examination form.

2.     Have eligibility in terms of attendance

a)     Attain minimum 75% of all the aggregate of all classes held during the semester.

b)    A weightage of 30% marks is given in the final exams as sessional marks. 

Internal Assessment (30%) + Term End Examination (70%) = Term/Semester Exams

30% Comprises of 25% marks obtained in Mid Term Examination.  5% marks are for attendance obtained per subject as per the detail given below:-

The weightage in sessional shall be of subject attendance:

·        95% and above – 5%

·        85% and above but less than 95% - 4%

·        75% and above but less than 85% - 3%

·        Less than 75% - 0% (No marks)

3.     The Institute conducts 07 evaluations for Practical’s during each semester. The result of best of five practical tests is forwarded to NCHM&CT. These sessional marks carried forwarded for the students, who get re-appear in the subject, which means if a student does poorly in internals it is difficult for him/her to cover up and pass in his future attempts to clear that subject.

Internal Assessment 30%) + Term End Examination (70%) = Term/Semester Exams

4.     A student is promoted to the next class if:-

a)     He fails in not more than 06 subjects in 1st or 2nd Semester combined, to be eligible for promotion to 2nd year.

b)    If he fails in not more than 03 subjects of 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Semester combined, to be promoted to third year.

c)     If he fails in not more than 06 subjects in 5th & 6th Semester, to be placed in re-appear category and not declared fail.

d)    Students appearing in Term End Theory Exams can also appear for Incourse Assessment theory exams against a fee.

5.     The pass marks for theory subject are 40% and for practical subjects are 50%.

6.     Separate Examination form has to be filled up for IGNOU Subject examination.



7.     (a)  All students have to report to the institute at 09:00 am and be in class. The Institute gate will close at 09:15 am till 09:45 am after which they will be allowed to enter the college premises but not in classes. Those students who get late due to metro disturbances or traffic jams will get due leverage by the Principal or Academic Head. After lunch also the gate will be closed at 02:00 pm sharp.

(b) Students are required to be present in proper uniform and grooming standards as per their practical or theory classes at all times. In case they are found lacking in this regards, they will have to pay fine of Rs. 200/- before they are allowed back into their class.

(c) The students have to complete their journals and assignments as per the schedule give by their subject teachers.

(d) Mobile phones are not allowed to be used during class hours in the Institute except during lunch.  Anybody found using Mobile during class the phone will be confiscated and they will have to pay a fine of Rs. 500/-.

8.     Any student, who needs to discuss and resolve any issue of any kind, may contact Ms. Seema Bhatia – 9873867636, Ms. Ritu - 9899966228


Sunita Bharihoke

(Academic Head)

Mobile : 9958972288


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This form has to be signed by the parents are returned on 31st July, 2017.



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