A six days Skill Certification Course for Cooks/ Waiters
Trade: Cook
Objective: Experienced service providers from the industry who have no formal training or certificate.
Duration: Six days orientation of 35 hours.
Admission: Through advertisement  and trade publicity on “first come first serve” basis with minimum class of 25 candidates.
Fee: No course fee for trainees, institute to pay @ Rs 200/- per day to trainee for wage loss
Course Administration: To be delivered by Delhi Institutes of Hotel Managements under the Capacity Building for Service Providers (CBSP) Scheme of the Ministry of Tourism, Govt Of India.
Examination: Theoretical knowledge would be tested through Viva of max 30 marks. Practical test of skills would be done comprising max 70 marks. Based on the outcome of the test, candidates would be certified on grades of competence i.e. candidate securing between 60-70% Grade III, 71-80% Grade II and 81% and above Grade I. Those who unable to obtain minimum pass percentage of 60% can register again for the next test.
Certification: By the host institute and NCHMCT



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